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Return of the Dragons…

Had a very, very surreal moment going to work yesterday morning. After almost a week of looking up and seeing only beautiful, unbroken, cobalt-blue sky, thanks to the grounding of all aircraft because of the Icelandic volcano’s ash, I looked up and saw this…

It was VERY strange, seeing a vapour trail again! I felt like Tattoo from “Fantasy Island” – “Zee plane, zee plane!!”

But what was really strange was the way that other people around me stopped to look up and stare at the new arrival in our sky, just like I did. We all just stopped, and looked up, shocked by the return to our sky of one of those all too familiar white lines. And with no traffic passing, and just the one, solitary vapour trail in the sky, a thought crossed my mind…

Is that what it will be like when the oil runs out? Will the sight of a vapour trail in the sky be so rare, so odd, that it makes people stop in the street and look up and gawp at it?

A little bit of a shiver ran up my spine, I can tell you…


2 Responses

  1. Kind of spooky when the sky is empty of airplanes isn’t it?
    I remember after 9/11 I was outside with my telescope on a clear night, and to try to clear my mind of the recent events and relax under the stars. The sky was empty of planes, no sound, nothing. Then I heard a jet way up in the sky, I then spotted lights from 2 jets passing over. A formation of military fighters patrolling over Seattle, but that was all that was up there. Freaky!
    I was so happy to see planes in the sky again when they un-grounded them all.


  2. This is like a scene from “28 days” 😉

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