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And another thing…

…why do Daleks NEED to be different colours, anyway? It makes no sense. They “see” like this:

… in monochrome, so who are they ‘dressing up’ for? There are only two possible ‘target audiences’ for their colour schemes: each other, and their enemies/victims.

Now, why would they feel the need to identify themselves, and each other, according to their colour? They’re MACHINES (admittedly with tentacle-waving, power-hungry, merciless monsters inside them), they could surely be identified by, and identify themselves with, their electronic signatures, by the EMF transmissions they broadcast. A subtle marking here or there I could almost, almost get away with, but being coloured-in a bright, bold red or blue or – for pity’s sake – yellow?

And I’m sure that no self-respecting Dalek would feel the need to paint itself as bright red as a sherbet strawberry or as bright blue as a a bottle of mouth wash in the hope of making thenselves look more frightening to their enemies. That would suggest ego, pride, or vanity, and, again, they’re psycopathic squids riding around inside MACHINES, they have no such feelings or emotions. Would a Dalek think “Ooh, this blue colour scheme really makes me look hard!” as it slapped its sink plunger into the face of its latest victim? No. They wouldn’t care what (bleep) colour they were; all that would matter to them would be to kill and keep killing, as effeciently and ruthlessly and mercilessly as possible.

( One of my unmannedspaceflight.com friends drolly suggested that maybe having a colour would make a Dalek even more intimidating, because their victims would then feel ashamed and humiliated at the prospect of being killed by something with such a ridiculous colour, but I’m not buying it! 🙂 )

So, we’re left with other reasons why the Daleks have gone day-glo. Either new showrunner Steven Moffat is so determined to stamp his own signature on the series, to cock his leg up on the Dr Who lamp post and smother RTD’s scent with his own (thanks Sharon!) that he’s deliberately made the Daleks as anti-RTD as he could: RTD’s Daleks were cold and metallic looking, sleek, sharp-edged and industrial, almost retro. Steven Moffat’s Daleks are the opposite – warm-coloured, fat, cuddly, Ikea-designer smooth and almost painfully modern-looking. They fit neatly into the modern TV obsession with making any group “one of each colour” (Teletubbies, Power Rangers, etc). If this is the case then really, I’d be very disappointed, because there’s no need to try and delete RTD’s Dr Who, that’s just ridiculous.

The other possible reason is, despite what many people are saying, commercial. Many, many people have said that the new Daleks look “like toys”… maybe that’s the idea, to just make them more marketable.

Kids are drawn to colourful things, and like to have things which are their favourite colour. That’s not rocket science. Neither is it rocket science to suggest that some kids obsess about blue, others green, or red, or even yellow. And it’s a Well Known FAct that many kids love Daleks. Now, put all those things together and you have a perfect storm of a marketing opportunity – the most popular “baddie”in British sci-fi TV history, available in a range of kiddie friendly colours! Now, that’s marketing gold, it has to be said, but it’s rather cynical in my opinion, and shows a desperate lack of imagination. But, I suppose, we live in a commercial world, a world where the BBC needs to make money in order to keep the licence fee down and to keep making shows, like Dr Who, so I grudgingly have to admit it makes sense.

…I just hate, Hate, HATE the new look Daleks, not just because of their horrible colour schemes but because the new physical design is just awful. It takes away the threateing appearence of the Daleks, and genuinely does make them look fat, and bulky, and soft. I’m not the only person thinking this, as you can see in this article from The Sun the other day, which quotes a previous entry on this very blog of mine…! 🙂 (click on it to enlarge it)…

Judging from Mr Moffat’s comment at the end of that piece I think we’re stuck with the new Daleks, which is a great shame. I am worried about him wanting to make them more colourful, that seems a bit desperate to me, a make-over for the sake of it.

These aren’t the Daleks that sent generations of kids running for cover behind their sofas. These are Teletubby Daleks, Power Ranger Daleks, In The Night Garden Daleks. They’re Lawrence Lewellyn Bowen Daleks, only missing frilly cuffs and a ruffed collar to make their new look complete.

Yes, Dalek, your bum DOES look big in that, yer great fat Smartie-coloured, disabled toilet lookalike machine yer…

Great shame… 😦

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  1. Would thinking of Captain Scarlet help?

    Weren’t they different colours back in the beginning – the Peter Cushing film, perhaps?

    I am afraid they are fat so the batteries and motor can be fitted in more easily for the toys.

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