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Amazing sky…

Got up early again this morning in the hope of seeing a “spectacular sunrise” but, again, no luck, just your common and garden average sunrise. Which is still pretty beautiful as seen from Kendal, but no violent oranges, reds or purples. Oh well. Maybe next time.

And talking about goings on “up there”, we went shopping in Carlisle yesterday and I couldn’t stop looking at the sky. Not because of any volcanic ash-induced atmospheric effects, but just because it was so clean… With all the UK’s planes grounded, because of the volcanic ash, there was not a vapour trail in sight, just blue blue sky and a few clouds here and there, absolutely beautiful…

And so, perhaps inevitably…

New poem inspired by yesterday’s bizarre and beautiful vapour-trail free sky…



(By the way – want to watch the volcano’s continuing eruption? You can, via this webcam: http://eldgos.mila.is/eyjafjallajokull-fra-thorolfsfelli )


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