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More Mercury and Venus…

Last night was sparklingly clear and starry here in Kendal, so we headed up to Kendal Castle again after dark in the hope of grabbing some good views, and photographs, of Mercury and Venus, shining close together in the western twilight sky. And we weren’t disappointed…!

It’s quite a hike up to the castle – especially carrying a big carried bag stuffed full with binoculars, camera and a big bag of chips and batter bits – but it was well worth the huffing and puffing ascent, because the view was just beautiful…

By 8.30 the sky was already a deep, deep electric blue, and as the light faded Mercury and Venus became even easier to spot…

Zooming in on the pair brought out subtle differences in colour…

By 9pm the pair were quite low, but with no hint of any clouds appearing in the sky they were just a beautiful sight…

Stella was enjoying the view ehile I snapped away, too…

As if it wasn’t enough having such a lovely view of Venus and Mercury, we could see Mars shining Spangle-orange almost overhead, and behind us, just above the ruined castle’s tower, Saturn was shining with a warm, golden light, too…

Last night was by far the best observing session I’ve ever had with Mercury, and I;m very pleased with how the pictures came out; they’ll be very useful in my outreach talks.

But I wonder how many people, going about their business last night, saw those two bright “stars” and realised just what they really were..?


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