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Mercury and Venus shine above Kendal…

Last night was fantastic for two reasons. Firstly, DR WHO made an absolutely triumphant return to our screens – more on that later! – and secondly, the clouds that have covered Kendal for the past week finally parted, allowing us a great view of Venus and Mercury, shining close together in the west after sunset…

It was very frustrating at first, tho; a thick, fat, stubborn bank of cloud was stretched out across the west, with clear sky above and beneath it, in just the right place to cover the two planets. It sat there for an absolute age, drifting at just the same speed and in the same direction as Venus and Mercury were setting, but eventually the two planets emerged from the bottom…

.. and soon after the two planets were clearly visible, shining brightly above the lights of Kendal…

As the sky darkened, and the planets dropped towards the horizon, the view from Kendal Castle just got better and better…

Before we headed back down the hill and back into town, there was time for one more photo, showing Venus and Mercury shining in the sky more beautifully than I’ve ever seen them before…

It was a fantastic experience. I honsetly don’t think I’ve ever seen Mercury so clearly, or seen the two planets closer to the Sun than Earth so close together. Hope some of you saw it, too! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Not much luck here in High Wycombe. I’ve been looking out any evening which could be clear and saw Venus once (Friday, I think it was) but there was already spreading cloud where Mercury should have been. It’s been cloudy every other evening, even when it’s been clear earlier.

  2. Cannot believe how bright they were! We live in Kendal and we spent a good few minutes thinking it was a comet before checking the internet and realising what it was.

    What with Mercury & Venus shining so bright and Saturn still being so visible it’s quite exciting having a brand new telescope to play with – except the clouds wont go away!

  3. Bit more luck this evening:


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