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The Beauty of Endeavour…

There have been some beautiful and iconic pictures taken since the start of the Space Age: Buzz Aldrin standing on the Moon… Earthrise… This week a new image was taken and returned to Earth that will join these photographs in the file marked “Wow… look at that…” Taken by an astronaut onboard the International Space Station, it shows the space shuttle orbiter Endeavour – but not in any way you’ve ever, EVER seen before…

You absolutely HAVE to click on that picture to do it justice.

That picture is, in every sense of the word, beautiful, don’t you think? It’s like a painting – the composition, the light, the colours, they’re all superb. I can’t think of any other image I’ve ever seen from the shuttle era that shows so perfectly just how beautiful and elegant a spacecraft shuttle is. Wings in space… high above the Earth… silhouetted against the Monet-painted atmosphere of Mankind’s Homeworld… Nothing proposed in the now-cancelled Constellation program would, or could ever, come close to offering us the sheer beauty of that image.

3 Responses

  1. Your right. The shuttle certainly never lived up to expectations. But despite the logical-sounding cost, safety and reliability arguments, retiring a “spaceplane” to go back to “spam in a can” just seems so intuitively WRONG.

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  3. This is reminds me of one of those optical illusion pictures where one person sees an old woman and another person sees a young woman. It first appeared to me that the shuttle was pointing away from the Earth. Now I’m not sure if the Earth is in the upper-right or the lower-left.

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