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“Spirit – Wheels Stop”

My good friend and fellow UMSF member, AstroO, has created a truly beautiful poster featuring the poem I’ve written to mark Spirit’s change in circumstances. I hope you’ll take a moment to go and see it.


4 Responses

  1. Very good! But so very sad in a way…… 😦

  2. The Spirit Rover…ever since the annoucement that the eager Spirit Rover came in to Earth, that it’s Stuck in Martian soil…Ive been wanting to drop everything and go n dig her out! with my hands tide like everybodyelses on Earth…I stand n wait for a Spirit Rover Miracle especially now that they called off the escape drives rats!!!

    and also the Oppy Panaramic Mars Shots are Out of This World Fantastic!

  3. >… they cried across the gulf of space,
    >and slowly, and surely, they drew up plans to save me.

    Love the embedded H G Wells reference.

  4. Well done. Both poem and poster. For those that don’t know, “wheel stop” is the official call from the crew to mission control at the end of every shuttle mission after it rolls to a stop at EAFB or KSC. Later this year we will hear one last “wheel stop” call from space shuttle Discovery. That day will be even sadder than this poem.

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