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2009 Geminid meteor shower report

So…. yesterday was a fairly decent day, with quite a clear sky through the afternoon, then clouds rolled in right as it started to get dark… clear sky again at 9pm, while I was still at work, of course, and by the time I had walked back home, got changed, grabbed my binocs and trudged over to the park across the road from my flat to start Geminid watching it was cloudy again… There were a couple of small gaps, but no Geminids were seen through them, so I retreated back inside to wait for an hour and try again… Back outside, the sky was clearish, and I saw 10, maybe 11, non-remarkable Geminids in a frustrating half an hour, then back came the clouds… I retreated to bed, defeated at 01.00, but my mobile’s alarm was set for “on the hour”… 02.00 – cloud… 03.00 – cloud… 04.00 – cloud… 05.oo – cloud… 06.00 – cloud, and it was time to go back to work anyway…

What a waste of time. Seriously, I might as well live on Titan or Venus.

British weather, I hate you with a fist-clenching, knuckle-whitening, Kirk screaming “Khaaaaaaaaan!!!” passion. 😦 😦 😦

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  1. We had worse weather in Spain. It was rainning the whole night…. Waiting the next big meteor shower.

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