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re LCROSS impact

If anyone’s been wondering why I haven’t written anything about the LCROSS impact and plume, or lack of plume, well… ok, it’s because, to be honest, I really don’t care. The Moon is a fascinating body geologically, and I love observing it with my ‘scope, but – as most of you know, by now – I’m a martian at heart, always will be, and I just think of the Moon as a distraction taking us away from the day we land people on Mars.

So, this looking for water… it’s interesting, yes, but to me it’s just not that important. The Moon is only ever going to be a research base, an outpost, like the ones in Antarctica. We can, and will, LIVE on Mars. The lunar “water” is just a whispered breath of hydrogen molecules mixed in with the dirt and dust. Go to Mars, dig down half a dozen inches and you would be able to bring up real honest to God ICE. The poles are smothered with the stuff. There is huge amounts of it underground. We can see skating rinks of it inside craters, for pity’s sake!

So, while I obviously applaud the efforts and achievements of the LCROSS team, and wish them nothing but well in their quest to find water, I personally think that, in terms of exploration, we should stop faffing about with the Moon, leave it to private space entrepeneurs, industrialists, whoever, and go straight to Mars, look for life there seriously, and start living on another world! 🙂



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  1. …but wouldn’t water on the moon reduce costs by HUGE amounts and likely lead to a manned mission to mars faster?

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