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FAO Moon Hoax believers: Look! A new LRO image of Tranquility Base!

You might remember that earlier this year I wrote a piece on here predicting that it was unlikely that the images released by NASA’s Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter, showing the Apollo landing sites, would finally silence the people who insist that the Moon landings were faked. Although my predictions turned out, sadly, to be true, it was very gratifying to receive a lot of positive feedback about that post, and to have it linked to and even praised on some high profile websites. But some “Moon Hoaxers” took exception to it, and gave me a hard time, in emails and on comments here. Which is fair enough. You write something like this and you’re leaving yourself wide open to criticism or even attack. It goes with the whole “Blogging” thing, doesn’t it?

One comment – a very polite one, don’t get me wrong – was recently posted here accusing me of not having an “open mind. Really? 

I do have an open mind, about a lot of things. I have an open mind re the existence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and many other stories torn straight off the “Wall of Weird”. I have an open mind re the possibility of Jim Carey getting through a movie without gurning dementedly. I even have an open mind re the chances of turning on one of Sky’s music video channels later, and not seeing a hip hop or rap or R n B video playing. Hey, it might happen, one day..?

What I don’t have an open mind about is Apollo, and whether or not we “went to the Moon”, because no open mind is needed. We went to the Moon. Fact. Absolute, undeniable, proved-god-knows-how-many-times FACT. The many tens of thousands of people who worked on, reported on and watched Apollo say so. The TV networks that covered the missions say so. The Russians – who desperately, desperately wanted to be first to the Moon – say so. Photographs taken by LRO say so.

The men who WENT TO THE FRAKKING MOON say so.

And a new image released today says so, too.

LRO has flown over the Apollo 11 landing site again, this time with the Sun shining much higher in the sky, throwing – literally, haha! – a whole new light on the area. Details that weren’t visible in the first LRO portrait of Tranquility Base are now face-slappingly obvious. But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself. First, a wide angle view that I cropped myself from the full size image…

Apollo 11 second look

If you zoom in on that, here’s what you can see…


I’ll just give you a moment to click on that so you can see the full sized version… there you go…

See? Those are trails of footprints running between the LEM, the crater to the right, and the instruments close to the Eagle. See? That’s the camera! See? That’s HARDWARE, equipment we built and set up On The Moon!

But will these new images finally convince the unbelievers that people really did walk on the Moon? No. Never. Never ever ever. Not in a million, gazillion years, because a) that would mean admitting they were wrong all along, and b) it would mean they suddenly had a whole load of free time on their hands without a clue how to fill it.

I honestly believe that it LRO actually fell on top of the Eagle lunar module and took one last picture, showing the rivets in the spacecraft and bags of urine on the Moon’s surface the hoax believers would STILL say it was all faked.

Now, free speech is great, it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing, but there’s a difference between “freedom of speech” and “freedom to be a bloody idiot”. So, please, if, after seeing these new pictures you STILL believe the Moon landings were hoaxed, then fine, you go on believing that. You have, after all, a right to persist in believing that crap. And hey, if it makes your days go a little quicker, if it gives you something to believe in, then go for it.

But please, don’t come here and tell me I’m wrong, ok? Don’t come here to peddle your ludicrous conspiracy theories and preach your utter garbage, because my fingers will hit the correct combination of keystrokes and mouse clicks required to delete your comments so quickly they’ll make a sonic boom audible in Antarctica. Because, you know what?  I have pictures like this

LRO ap 14

… and this…


… and now this…

Apollo 11 second look b

… and you have nothing.

Nothing. 🙂

So that’s it. My days of trying to reason with you Are Over. I have no time for you. We’re through. And if you don’t like that position, if you feel that is restrictive or undemocratic or antisocial, then awwwwww, boo-hoo.


24 Responses

  1. Nice post!

    But the first picture is a simulated view from a previous post of yours (LRO and the Apollo Hoax Believers…), not a real picture from LRO. It might be better to label it accordingly.

    Keep up the good work!

    (Italian-language moon hoax debunker)

    • Good point Paolo, thanks for the heads-up. I’ve changed the pic. 🙂

      • Sorry, but if this is the best proof about the moon landing, I rather start thinking it was a hoax… these are crappy pictures and you see whatever you wnat to see.
        Try harder gringos, because this is not really even a good one.

  2. I love these pictures, but I am not willing to dignify the hoaxers with a response. The way I look at it, if a logical argument and slam-dunk evidence would persuade them, they would have already been persuaded.

  3. Excellent post and great pics. I do feel that in this golden age of robotic space exploration, the hoaxers are doomed to dwindle away and die off. The time has come to simply stop acknowledging the existence of these fools and their idiocies and just get on with enjoying all the new data from the probes.

  4. I love this post. Apollo really went to the Moon.


    (Bulgarian language moon hoax debunked) 😛

  5. I was 97% for Apollo truth movement. I am now 99% an Apollo truther after reading and seeing your presentation. The last percent wants to see a rover or some footprints closer : kinda like seeing an airplane engine from a 747 jet airplane at a building impact site or like seeing one of the missing video clips from the Murray building.

    • Only 99%, David? I’m really curious to know why you still have that remaining doubt. You’ve seen and heard lots and lots of evidence for the truth of the Apollo landings. What evidence have you heard for to justify even that 1% of doubt?

  6. Your first image, Stu, is a delight when you follow the video on this link: http://history.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/AP11%20FINAL%20APPROACH.wmv and slowly track your way westwards along the photograph as Neil and Buzz descend.

  7. I wonder if the hoaxers believe the pyramids are real and made by humans thousands of years ago, with great precision.
    But suppose they are right about the Apollo hoax. Then we can do a lot more than we thought. I mean, organising millions of people to plan and arrange and all the intricate details of the Apollo hoax. Amazing!
    No, I believe the Apollo Hoax is a hoax. It’s much easier to simply go to the moon.

  8. It looks like pancake batter. I’m just sayin…. and by the way, they denied the existence of extraterrestrial contact as well but they have openly stated that they made contact back then…………..who is lying…. and about what? See if you can find out why your heros are detonating a bomb in the polar region of our orbiting moon. Do you realize the poles have a specific purpose?

    Here is a task for you…get a bar magnet and some iron filings and do this. Place bar magnet on a table, take handful of iron filings and drop them down right on top of the magnet.

    can you see how it forms around the magnet? Yeah… lets bomb the polar region of our moon, you know, that thing out there that keep the tides moving and a whole host of other really important shit.

    NASA is like the spoiled rich kid who never gets told “No” regardless of consequences. And they lie through their teeth.

    Wrong blog for BS like that. GO AWAY.

    • It appears you have some genuine concerns about the LCROSS mission. I would like to address these, both for your sake and the sake of any readers who might share this concern.

      The problem is, I can only address these fears on the assumption that NASA is actually being honest in describing this mission.

      It seems from your post that you believe NASA is undertaking this mission but don’t believe what they say honestly explains how or why they are conducting this mission. This makes any discussion of the mission an exercise is unfounded speculation.

      If we can agree for the moment that NASA is being forthcoming in describing this mission’s parameters, if not its justification, and that common scientific understanding of physics and modern astronomy is not itself a massive hoax and/or conspiracy then we can continue to rationally examine these concerns.

      From your post it appears you worry that detonating a bomb at the south pole of the moon will have a significant impact on the magnetic field of the moon, possibly disrupting the tides of Earth’s oceans and “other really important shit.”

      First: LCROSS is not detonating a bomb, but simply throwing a heavy object. Actually two heavy objects. Again this is only if you believe NASA is telling the truth about the mission.

      (I admit that I wouldn’t want any such object to hit my house, but it wouldn’t have any large scale effect on the Earth as a whole. If there are actually large alien crystal palaces residing in that crater, then we’ve done something incredibly rude and hostile; also if there are invisible dragons living in my garage then it’s incredibly rude and hostile for me to park my car there every night.)

      The second issue you raise is the moon’s magnetic field: The moon has, in fact, no observable magnetic field. In this case when we refer to the “south pole” we mean only the point where the axis of rotation intersects the (roughly) spherical surface of the moon.

      (We could stop here and discuss the magnetic field of the Earth which is incredibly important to the habitability of the Earth and is really fascinating but doesn’t have anything to do with the moon so is really beside the point.)

      The moon is, as you state, directly responsible for the tides, which are incredibly important for the well-being of humanity on Earth. However, this is due solely to the gravitational interaction of the moon and the Earth, something this mission cannot possibly affect in any meaningful way.

      “Here’s a task for you,” Go out tonight and look at the moon, preferably with a pair of binoculars or a telescope. Alternatively do a Google Image search on “moon”. All those round things you see are “craters”, they are the record of very large things hitting the moon at very high speed. In fact the LCROSS craft hit inside one of those craters with a lot less mass and a lot less speed in order to stir up some dust (a lot like you or me scraping the surface of the soil with our shoe to see what’s under it.). That means something a lot bigger hit right there with a lot more energy, and yet there the moon is up in the sky tonight, still raising the tides and all that “other important shit.”

      P.S.: If you think I’m mocking you about the “other important shit”, Isaac Asimov speculated that the tidal stresses of the moon on the Earth kept bringing heavy radioactive elements near the surface of the Earth, fostering genetic mutations and spurring on evolution. Other modern dynamicists, comparing our geologic record with Mars think the presence of the moon has helped stabilize the orientation of the axis of rotation of the Earth, providing long term climate stability in which species can develop and thrive.

  9. Ok, suppose someone detonated a bomb at Earth’s south pole. Will that hurt the moon? No. It won’t even hurt the Earth that much.

  10. Brilliant site. I’ve argued for years with the hoax twits, and as such have become rather an expert in not only Apollo, but Gemini and Mercury, which all incrementally led to the moon. Neil, Buzz and Mike did not just walk out to a rocket on June 16th, 1969. This was all proven hardware and years of flying men into space and even the Moon (twice before, Apollo 8 and 10).
    One thing most often overlooked, and that truly requires attention, was the shear BALLS of the men America chose for the space program. Most were test pilots and engineers, all were fearless renaissance men, making split second life and death decisions 250k miles from any hope of rescue. We landed on the moon because of work and math and science, but mostly we landed on the moon because we sent superbly trained and qualified fearless men who were up to the task.
    Classic exploration, kids. Like Columbus and Lewis and Clark and Magellan.
    Who among us could do this today. Indeed, which country in this age of risk aversion could field such men? We went to the moon with slide rules and pencils, and the fortitude of the men sent to accomplish the mission.

  11. Rajeev, thank you for dropping by my blog, I appreciate your visit, and your polite comment. However, I think my post made my feelings on the whole “Moon Landing Hoax” thing very clear, so I have nothing further to add.

  12. too small images, the con of the century, we did not go


  13. Looking at the video of “KAGUYA taking around the landing site of the Apollo 11” appears to show a different location of apollo 11 landing location. So why the diff?

  14. why cant the hubble take a pic of the sites? it can see the end of time so why not the moon?

    • Because the moon is too close….Hubble is built for looking far away….take a pair of binoculars, hold them about an inch away from a newspaper and try to read it….you’ll get the idea

  15. The other day, I got me some binoculars and a telescope. With the telescope, I’ve been able to see Jupiter and its moons. I’ve seen Saturn too. They look like apples that you can pluck out of a tree infront of you. The telescope cost about $200. When I point it to the moon, I can see a lot of details, almost as if I am just five miles away in person and seeing with the naked eye. However, to focus on tranquility base is rather hard since the moon is passing way too fast for me to keep a steady $200 telescope on target. Here is my big question: Why NASA with all it’s resources and high tech equipment cannot take a very good, detailed, and up close photo when a satelite is spining around the moon just a few miles away from the surface as opose to hundres of thousands from earth??? I can lend them my telescope!! Honest. I bet my telescope mounted in their satelite will take awesome photos of even the ants (I know there are no ants). I have to be rather stupid to accept as proof photos that only show particles that look like other sorrounding particles in the same photo. Actually, it seams to me like a some one photoshoped them. Sorry, all the photos posted here do not show anything. It is simple logic: Why spend billions of dollars to send a rober/satelite to orbit the moon, but only mount a cheap/over-the-counter camera?? Why not a powerfull lens/telescope/or what have you? As I said, I can lend them mine.

  16. While I have no doubt of our landing on the moon , I share the curiosity of others . Why can we not show a clear, live, feed from an earth based telescope or a satalite . The question is food for fodder on their side . On the believers side , it makes me wonder if other things were going on of a military nature and they don’t want us to see clear photos. P.S. If this isn’t a conspiracy theory yet , and it catches on , I want the credit. Just sayin .

  17. Ok….so, besides the 500,000 or so people that were involved in the Apollo program in one way or another (that’s an awful lot of mouths to keep shut!)…what about the amature astronomers and shortwave radio people all around the world who could follow the ship as it headed for the moon? I’m sure there was a university or two with a powerful enough telescope to at least see the ship moving through space….or to pick it up when they did a urine dump…..and while we’re on that note…what did they do with the rest of the rocket? I mean, all that came home was the command module….did they pull a David Copperfield and just make the rest of the pieces vanish? That’s a pretty big machine to hide!

    Eventually all you “I still think the earth is flat” types will catch on……..we went to the moon… ‘nuf said.

  18. I want to believe!! The problem is weak evidence like whats shown here. Possible Moon photos (in grayscale no less, NASA can’t afford better?) with dots pointing to things that you are labeling and zoomed so far out it’s impossible to recognize anything! All this and your basing your evidence on information the Government(NASA) gave you? Do you or anyone really trust the Government in anything? As I said I want to believe, mainly because I find it very depressing that our Government would mislead the American population and the rest of the world simply to say we were there first. The evidence provided against the landing is very strong and a lot more believable than your weak images. Perhaps the truth will come out the same time the flat earth truth comes out, then our Government will be in big trouble trying to explain the lies. The future will tell and one day we will all know the truth.

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