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Stop worrying, the shuttle is fine… :-)

Quite a few of the people who posted comments on my blog last night after watching the space shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station crossing the sky (and hey, all of you, welcome, wherever you’ve come from! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 ) were clearly worried by something they saw – a bright “flash” from the shuttle, and/or a strange glowing haze around it. Had there been an accident? Had they witnessed an explosion?

Thankfully, no, there hadn’t, and they didn’t. The shuttle and its crew are all fine. What was it then? Well, if I tell you that there’s a link to that great scene in the great film “Apollo 13” where one of the crew makes a joke about the constellation “Urine”, you’ll get the idea…! 😉

Full story on Spaceweather.com


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