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ISS spotting

Had a great view of the ISS and shuttle from up at kendal Castle earlier, hope some of you saw it too! If you go to the “Space station” section of this blog you’ll find a table of ISS times for the next 10 days, or you can just click here…



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  1. Saw an object last night 9th Sept 09 at approx 9.25pm. At first I thought it was a meteor. The object was moving approx North to South and after observing it for a few seconds the object ‘flared’ from its original magnitude to a magnitude brighter than Jupiter which was visible at the time. The flare was yellow/white and lasted for about 3/5 seconds. The ‘flare’ subsided and the object returned to its original magnitude. It did not dim or slow but continued on its original course. My son also witnessed this and thinks it may have been the shuttle producing a ‘burn’. Any ideas/


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