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Catching up with an old friend…

NASA’s Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter is now sending back images quite regularly, and they’re all very gawksome. A recent picture of the summit of the mountain in the centre of a crater called Tsiolkovskiy showed countless huge boulders littering the peak…

Tsiolkovskiy boulders LROC

…and many of them had clearly rolled down the slope from somewhere else…

boulder race

Then yesterday a new image appeared on the LROC website, an image space enthusiasts have been waiting to see for a long, looooong time…

Apollo 12 site

What you’re seeing there is the landing site of Apollo 12, the second lunar landing mission that, in 1969, landed Charles “Pete” Conrad and Alan Bean on the surface of the Moon, literally just a short walk away from the landing site of an earlier, unmanned lunar probe, Surveyor 3. Let’s zoom in on that image…

apollo 12 sitre 2

What does it actually show? Well, see that big round crater in the centre? The Apollo lunar module is the bright spot on its top rim, at around the 10’o clock position. Inside the crater, down at roughly the 4 o’clock position, is another bright spot -that’s Surveyor 3. And all around the crater you can see dark trails – they’re the footprints of the two astronauts ans they bounced and bounded across the Moon!

The lunar module was deliberately set down literally a couple of minutes’ walk away from the probe, because NASA wanted the astronauts to examine it for signs of wear and tear, hoping to learn how to improve future spacecraft. The astronauts did just that, and they even brought some pieces of Surveyor back to Earth for more detailed study. Seen from the surface, this was the astronauts’ view…


Alan Bean, one of the Apollo 12 crew, is now a highly respected painter and artist, and this is one of the wonderful paintings he made which was inspired by what he saw and did in 1969…


As I said, we’ve been waiting a looong time to see this view, and it didn’t disappoint. And better views are yet to come: LRO isn’t even at its lowest orbit yet, these are almost “test” shots in advance of the real beauties being taken later in the year! Can’t wait for those!

Will images like this convince the “Apollo Moon Hoax Believers” that astronauts really did walk on the Moon? No. Why? Because they’re bloody idiots with Angel Delight for brains, that’s why. Harsh? Maybe. I don’t care, I’m sick of trying to be understanding and fair to them. They’re ******* loser idiots and I’m not going to waste any more breath, or time, or energy, on them.

Look at that… not one, but TWO spacecraft on the Moon, with bootprints made by human beings connecting them. Isn’t that something? 🙂 🙂



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