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Spirit’s view – and thoughts – of Home…

By now everyone knows that NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover “Spirit” is well and truly stuck on Mars. Efforts to free her are continuing, but we have no idea how long she’ll be stuck where she is now – or even if she will ever get free. Obviously we hope so!

In the meantime, Spirit has a chabce to do some astronomy while she’s standing around waiting to shake the dust from her wheels, and her view at sunset isn’t bad at all – looking to the west at twilight she can see two bright “stars” above the horizon: the planets Venus, and Earth, twin Evening Stars to light up Spirit’s night.

Inspired by this view, I wrote one of my astro-poems about it, which turned out pretty well I think. But then my good friend AstroO from Unmannedspaceflight.com worked his creative graphics magic and turned it into one of his beautiful posters…

home jpg

You can see, and download, the full 2Mb version of the poster from AstroO’s website, here…


Let us know what you think! 🙂