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New Dr Who companion revealed…

This is all over the internet now, so I guess I might as well join in…!

The BBC has revealed the identity of the actress who will play the new Companion when Matt Smith takes over from David Tennant as Dr Whonext year…


That’s 21 year old Karen Gillan, and she’ll be taking over from Catherine Tate as The Doctor’s Companion when the globally-popular sci-fi series returns to BBC 1 next year. If she looks a litle familiar it’s because she has been in Dr Who before, playing a soothsayer in the epic episode “The Fires of Pompeii”.

If you’re not into Dr Who I’m absolutely sure you’re wondering what on Earth – haha! – all the fuss is about. But if you are a fan then this is big news, because the relationship between the Dr and his Companion essentially sets the tone for the whole series. It’s basically the two of them against the universe, and if they’re not compatible, well, it can detract from the stories. But the key issue here this stime, I think, is age.

Matt Smith, the next Doctor, is a young actor too. He’s frequently been described as “floppy haired”, a “pretty boy”, a “boy band singer”… you get the idea. There was a strong rumour not too long ago that his Companion would be an older woman to provide some balance, and to stop him getting carried away with things, you know, running around like a puppy. Clearly these rumours were wrong, and the new Companion is very young too, and very pretty, and wouldn’t be out of place in a girl band, although she’d have to be the “serious, moody” one in the band, judging from that photo released by the BBC.

So, how’s all this going to work out? Well, with both main leads being young and cute-looking, there are bound to be concerns that the BBC is going to turn DW into “Hollyoaks In Space”… 😮 But I have faith in the producers, they wouldn’t just pick good looking kids for the parts without great acting ability too, so all will be well I’m sure.

But if the interior of the Tardis is suddenly painted black, and its floor is covered with dirty washing and discarded takeaway containers, and if the walls are decorated with guitars, framed Che Guevara posters and nicked traffic cones I’m turning over… 😉

So, good luck to Karen, I’m sure she’ll be great.

She’ll have a long way to go to be a better Companion than my beloved Martha Jones tho… 🙂



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