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35k – again…!

Quick “thank you” to everyone who drops by here, from wherever and for whatever reason. I’ve just hit “35,000” views. Again.


Yes, again. You might recall that a little while ago I actually clocked-up my 35,000th visitor, and celebrated that minor landmark (well, I was chuffed!) with a post about it. A matter of hours later WordPress had a glitch of some kind, and thousands of hits were wiped off a large number of blogs. I lost around 3,000! They have never come back, unfortunately, so this is me hitting 35k for the second time.

But hey, water… bridge… just nice to know someone out there is reading my rants scribblings! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I remember that happening with the AOL counters way back when. I hit ten thousand on my counter three times over the course of one week.

  2. Yeah – I remember the first time – at least it didn’t go back to zero! Heck – who’s counting anyway? You just keep scribbling (and ranting!)Stu and I’ll keep reading and appreciating! 😀

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