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The Black Hole of Mars…


Today, whilst having a wander around Mars again courtesy of the dangerously-addictive Mars Global Data website, I found another “hidden gem” of the Red Planet, pictured above: you’ll see it’s a small, young crater – actually inside the huge crater Pasteur – that has a very crumbly, rugged-looking wall, lots of gullies, landslides witin it… but, most strikingly, an unusually dark area on its floor… Here’s a more detailed version of that picture. Click on the pic for the highest resolution…


Obviously it’s a dune field of dark material of some kind. You can tell that from the patterns on the ground here…


…but it didn’t matter how much I zoomed in it, or enhanced it, or generally messed about with it, although a few boulders appeared out of the gloom, the bulk of the dark area refused to resolve into anything else…



It was as if a black hole had opened up on the surface of Mars, sucking in everything around it, even light itself..!

Let’s add some colour and see what this crater really looks like…


And looking at the “event horizon” of the black hole, some truly beautiful detail stands out…


I love images like this, it shows exactly why Mars is such a fascinating place: everytime you think you know it, something like this appears…!

Thanks again HiRISE! 🙂

Note: if you want to find that image for yourself, here’s where to go…



3 Responses

  1. hey this images are really extrodinary. Mars is a really interesting place to investigate cause each we would be finding something new :).

    Thank you for all this images.

  2. It looks like it could be liquid, like tar or oil, perhaps water? Anyone else think so?

  3. I’m no longer certain where you’re getting your information, but good topic. I must spend some time learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for great info I was searching for this info for my mission.

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