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Mercury and Moon shining together tonight…

If the sky’s clear this evening, take a look to the west and you might – if your horizon in that direction is uncluttered and low – see something very pretty…

Tonight a very, very thin crescent Moon will be shining just above the elusive planet Mercury at dusk. Not only that, but the Pleiades star cluster will be just above the Moon too, so we have a chance to see three attractive celestial objects in the same small field of view!

This is what we’ll see after sunset – from here in Kendal, anyway; your own view will depend on your location, of course… please click on the images to bring up full size versions, as usual… Mercury is the bright “star” just beneath the Moon…



Tomorrow evening the Moon will be a little bigger and higher in the sky, and although it will be farther away from Mercury it will still be very useful for finding it…


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