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Another HiRISE volcanic treat!

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday – don’t take newly released HiRISE images at face value when they appear on the HiRISE site. Images that appear to be a bit, well, “ho hum” can actually be just tiny parts of a much more wow-some view that’s worth some serious exploring.

This is one of the latest batch of images to come from HiRISE…


Doesn’t look that impressive, does it? And I have to be honest, the image there by itself didn’t grab my attention very much… but the title caught my eye. “Landslide alcove…” What landslide? What alcove? There’s nothing like that on that picture… hmmm, must be somewhere on the main image tho… let’s have a look…



Look at that! A great chunk of the ground just ker-ferrUMPed down into the canyon below! Imagine standing there and seeing that happen, watching as literally thousands of tons of rock and dirt fell away and slumped down into the end of the canyon in an enormous avalanche… It must have happened aeons ago tho, because if you zoom in on the debris apron you can see it’s pocked with many, many craters…

Of course, I couldn’t resist adding a little “Stucolour” to the scene… as ever, click on the image for a full size view…




HiRISE…. what a camera… Mars… what a planet! 🙂

2 Responses

  1. The craters at the top edge are pretty interesting, too. Were they formed before or after the ker-ferrUMP? I can’t imagine the one of the left formed afterwards – is it possible that the crater wall is that much more compressed and bonded together that the material around it ker-ferrUMPed whereas it didn’t?

  2. Wow, this is pretty amazing. It’s always cool to see surface activity on other planets.

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