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To all those…


… so-called “Dr Who fans” who insulted Freema Agyeman’s acting so nastily and personally when she played Dr Martha Jones in the program:


After she was so brilliant in the final episode of LAW AND ORDER: UK, playing a rape victim, how stoopid do you feel now? No, seriously; how unbelievably stupid do you feel, having seen her acting everyone else off the screen like that? She was fantastic! Convincing, sensitive, believable…


JUST like she was in Dr Who, in fact. But you had to bleat, didn’t you, because she wasn’t Billie Piper, and because she was different… well, I just hope some of you saw LAW AND ORDER and realised, finally, just what a great actress she actually is.


(I know, I know, this post has nothing to do with astronomy, or space, or Mars, but it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I like! 😉 )


5 Responses

  1. Well said sir! 🙂

  2. Both she and Billie Piper are fine actresses. Dr. Who is no longer just the fun, campy show it was in the 20th Century. Dr. Who is now a good, solid drama, as well as still being fun and campy.

  3. i prefer martha as doctors companion any day

    for she was the hottest one out of the lot hotter than billie piper anyday

    i think the ones who didnt like her were racist, coz she sure was my favorite

    • I totally agree with you, mitun. She’s just gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and absolutely brilliant! She wasn’t as immature as the other companions and as soon as she knew that the doctor would never feel the same about her, she moved on VERY quickly. She seems like a totally down to earth kinda gal. I love Martha. Even Shakespeare could not resist her charm and beauty. ♥

  4. Just finished watching season 3 and I definitely loved Martha Jones! Sad she had to go.

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