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More Moonshots…

Another beautifully clear evening in Kendal so I took my ‘scope across the busy road to Abbott Hall Park to take a look at Venus and the Moon. I did this with some concern because usually the Park attracts large numbers of Kendal’s most pathetic foul-mouthed, cider-swilling, hoodie-hidden, cheap-jewelry wearing gangsta-wannabe chavs like a dog turd attracts flies, but thankfully it was chav-free tonight so I was able to set up and observe in peace…

…and Venus was STUNNING! A phosphorous-bright scintillating crescent that was quite hypnotising. I tried a few photos, but with venus barely a hand’s width above the rooftops its image was breaking up in the eyepiece too much for my camera to show much, so I gave it up as a bad job. But the Moon was a different matter…

Here’s the two best pictures I took… click on them for full size versions…



I’m particularly pleased with that second one because it’s so sharp and crisp, and the famous crater Tycho really stands out.

Hopefully later I’ll get another look at Saturn, and will “bag” some more moons..!


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  1. These are spectacular! Like you, I like the second one particularly well. Nicely done — and so amazing that you’ve done this with your own modest ‘scope in what amounts to your own “back yard”. I’m impressed. 🙂

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