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At last – a clear night!!!

FINALLY, after almost two weeks of cloudy nights, the sky cleared this evening here in Kendal and I FINALLY had a chance to track down Comet Lulin with my newly repaired 4.5″… ! 🙂

There’s NO way the comet is naked eye now, not from here anyway, but it was easy to find in my pair of binocs – just up and to the right of Regulus – and looked like an elongated smudge of greyish light, not really any hint of green about it, although, to be fair, it was close to a knot of faint stars so its own light and hue might have been rather diminished. However, it was easy in the telescope at 25x, and looking at it I thought it looked rather like a larger version of the Crab Nebula, definitely elongated.

So, hurrah, I finally managed to see Lulin through my telescope! 🙂

But after all that build-up the star of the night was Saturn… Once my ‘scope had cooled down and I’d collimated it properly,  Saturn was a joy to behold. It looks sooo strange seeing the rings as essentially a “bar” cutting through it, just… wrong… Titan was bright as ever, and I think I saw another moon to the planet’s eyepiece-right, have to check-out what that was later. For now, here’s a rough version of what the planet looked like through my telescope at approx 120x – not pin-sharp, I know, but I was looking at Saturn as it hovered over the roof of the house opposite, so the air wasn’t exactly still and the seeing wasn’t exactly perfect!



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