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EAS “Saturn Watch” for IYA in Kendal Next Friday Night…


Next Friday night – weather permitting! – members of Kendal’s EDDINGTON ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY will be in the town’s Bowling Fell Park (up above the famous Brewery Arts Centre) to observe, and show any passing members of the public, the planet Saturn. The “Saturn Watch” is one of the busy Society’s many events marking The International Year of Astronomy, or “IYA” as it’s known.

The “Saturn Watch” will begin at 9pm (that might seem late but it’s because the planet won’t be visible properly until then – it won’t be high enough in the sky) and there should be several telescopes set up to show people highly magnified views of the planet and its famous rings. However, anyone expecting a classic view of Saturn’s rings, like this…


… is in for a shock and a disappointment, because the view will be rather different: Saturn appears to wobble up and down as it orbits the Sun, so occasionally the rings are tipped directly towards us and actually seem to vanish for a brief period. This is one of thos eperiods, so anyone oeering into one of our ‘scopes on Friday night will see this view instead…


… which is still pretty impressive! But maybe not what most people expect to see when looking at Saturn.

But Saturn won’t be the only thing in the sky; the Moon will be shining brightly too, and there will be some breathtaking views through the telescopes in the park. Views like this…


… and this…


So, if you’re in the Kendal area next Friday night, and IF the sky is clear, come and join us up at Bowling Fell Park and enjoy some beautiful views of the night sky with us! The event is absolutely free, and you’re guaranteed to see things you’ve never, ever, seen before!

Here’s the poster for the event, please click on it for a larger version. Hope to see you there! 🙂



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