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Venus Watch report

One word, really: NOTHING!

Of COURSE we saw nothing, come on. After a completely overcast yucky day, half an hour before we were due to start looking at Venus the sky started to clear and I wasn’t the only member of the Eddington Astronomical Society who thought “Yeah, we’ll be ok!”… but at 6pm when the Venus Watch began the sky was almost black with cloud again, and Venus was playing a spiteful game of Hide and Seek with us, peeping out from behind a roiling bank of dirty black cloud for a few seconds at a time before running away again, laughing. I caught one fleeting glimpse of it through my poorly 4.5” telescope, but it wasn’t even long enough to let em FOCUS it, and at 6.50pm we admitted defeat and headed home. Shame, as even with the poor conditions around a dozen people turned up, hoping to see something. Oh well, all you can ever do is pick a night and cross your fingers – and if it’s clear, it’s clear, there’s nothing you can do about it.

I had hoped to spot Comet Lulin again overnight but the sky above Kendal was a murky light-polluted orange dome all night, so no cance of that. Fingers crossed for tonight, when the comet will start to drift beneath Saturn. Of course, I don’t have a scope to look at it through, which is a pain, but I’m sure it will be worth looking at thru my trusty binocs.

If anyone reading this wants to look, here’s a good sky chart to help you find the comet…


That’s a PDF file, you’ll notice. Print it out, and you’ll be set. But basically all you have to do for the next couple of nights is find Saturn, shining beneath the left side of Leo, and then scan around it with your binocs – when you see a misty, elongated blur you’ve found Comet Lulin. 🙂


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