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More HiRISE highlights…

I’ve been browsing the HiRISE archives again, looking for interesting or just plain “pretty” pictures, and I’ve found a couple of classic ones…

First, image http://hirise.lpl.arizona.edu/PSP_008484_1980 shows a pair of “twin, bright rayed craters” which are unlike any I’ve ever seen before…


Fascinating, eh? Looks like a pair of chunks of space debris came in and smacked into the ground close together and blew a whole load of dark dust off the surrounding terrain… Let’s take a closer look…


Don’t forget you can bring up larger sized version of these pictures by clicking on them…

Then there’s this  absolutely amazing landscape feature in Ganges Chasma, one of my favourite regions of Mars – a canyon on the eastern end of the mighty Valles Marineris… just take a look at this…


That looks like a “cap” of bright material sticking up out of an area of very dark dust deposits and dust-covered ground. Surely, in centuries to come, if there’s a military on Mars this will be their perfect fortress..? I mean, just look at this detail from the southern side…


Just click on that image to see the full-size version… what a stunning, stunning place!


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful images! Oh, if only we could be around in a couple hundred years, when human photographers can take ground-level pictures of all of these fantastic places! Can you imagine the thrill of being the first person to see this from ground level? Reminds me of what the prospector John Wesley Hillman must have felt when he accidentally stumbled across Crater Lake, becoming the first Westerner to see it.

  2. Stu; I am fascinated by the alluvial fans on the flanks of the hill. Where could the material come from ?

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