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Who will be #11?!?!?!?!?!


… the 11th Doctor, that is?

Well, we’ll know by this time tomorrow, because the BBC has just announced that tomorrow afternoon they will be revealing the name of the actor who will take over from current Doctor Who, David Tennant, at the end of this year…!

Who will it be? Well, a LOT of money seems to be going on Patterson Joseph, an actor seen recently in the BBC’s re-make of popular 70s post-apocalypse drama “Survivors”…


He would be the first black actor to play The Doctor, and as Phil “Bad Astronomer” Plait points out that would be kind of appropriate for a year when the US will have its first black President, but I’m sure that’s not why PJ will have been chosen, if indeed it is him! He’s a fine actor, one of the (few) actors in “Survivors” who wasn’t hammy or whiny or unconvincing, and he’s done sci-fi before (I’m sure that’s him in the hit-and-miss BBC2 sci-fi comedy “Hyperdrive”) so all the signs are good. Of course it could be somebody TOTALLY different… many people have called for the next Doctor to be female, but after the rather ridiculous “Doctor Donna” trainwreck of a character at the end of Season 4 Idoubt it… but hey, this is WHO, there are no rules, so we’ll all just have to wait and see whose name comes out of the Tardis tomorrow!

I know there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth about David Tennant leaving, but even though I’m a massive, MASSIVE fan of his Doctor I really do think now he’s taken the character as far as he can. It’s in danger of becoming a caricature now. No. Time for a change, definitely.

One thing is certain… whoever takes over from DT will find their life changed forever, utterly and totally. They’re going to be heading the biggest fantasy TV show the UK has ever produced, with millions of loyal – and very serious – fans all over the world. They’ll watch his (or her) every move, comment on their acting, their dress sense, their accent, everything. Some will hate the new Dr, others will love the new Dr, but all of them – ALL of them – will have an opinion.

No pressure then..!

So now we wait… I hope the BBC chooses someone worthy of the role. But I don’t care if they give the role to Timmy Mallet or Noel Edmonds if they bring back Dr Martha Jones again…! 🙂



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