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HAPPY 2009!

Well, here we are, 2009!! Hard to believe it’s almost 2010 for pity’s sake! 2010… that’s always been The Future, hasn’t it? I don’t think so. We’re way behind schedule. Where’s my rocket pack? Where’s my personal spaceship? Where’s the Moonbase, and the settlement on Mars I grew up being told we’d have by now? Maggie Philbin, you lied to me on Tomorrow’s World! Not only did you tell me that CDs would “never scratch” and “last forever” (hahahahahahaha!), not only did you tell me that by 2000 we’d be working in “paperless offices” (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!), but you told me… you looked me straight in the eye through my television and told me… that there’d be loads of people living in space by now, on the Moon and on Mars and in great space stations and we’d have space solar power, maybe even space elevators…

Shame on you, Maggie Philbin. Shame on you!! 😉


Seriously tho, I hope all of you had a great New Year’s Eve and are having a good day today. Welcome to 2009, the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY! It’s going to be a hugely busy year for astronomers – pro and am – all around the world. If you’re not sure what’s going on, all you have to do is check-out this website…


There’s something spacey going on in your country, city or town at some point this year, so take a look! As for events here in Kendal, take a look at the special IYA page on this very blog – there’s a tab at the top of the page!

Look out for this logo during the next 12 months… if you see it in and around Kendal, there’s something “spacey” happening soon!



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