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Planets on Parade…

If the sky’s clear where you live tonight you absolutely have to go outside just after sunset and look to the south-west. If you do, this is what you’ll see…


If you click on that image you’ll see, on the larger version, that a beautiful crescent Moon will be shining in the same area of sky as several bright “stars”. Actually, these aren’t stars at all, but planets! Going from the left – the Moon’s upper left – we can see VENUS shining like a dazzling jewel… sweep past the Moon, heading towards the western horizon, and you will see JUPITER shining above the fainter and harder to see MERCURY. A wonderful, free sky show!

If you have a digital camera – meybe you were bought one for Christmas – then why not try photographing this lovely skyscape? You want an exposure of at least a couple of seconds, but really, just click away and see what you get. If you don’t try then you’re guaranteed to get nothing. If you try, you might surprise yourself…!

Tomorrow evening we will have another beautiful skyscape, with the crescent Moon shining much closer to Venus after sunset. Try to photograph that, too!


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  1. Clear sky Stu? When there’s something that beautiful to see? You have got to be joking!!!! Not too optimistic for tomorrow either but here’s hoping. Happy New Year anyway. Dee

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