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Anything HiRISE can do…

… Oppy’s Pancam can do, too!

Here’s a 3D pic I’ve made from a couple of pictures that came back from the Mars rover Opportunity today… click on it to see the full size version…


And here’s a “natural colour” (well, as ‘natural’ as I can make it!) version…


What is that? A meteorite? A piece of ejecta from a nearby crater (maybe Endeavour itself? Hmmm, there’s a thought…)

I’m sure the experts will tell us!

Update: I’m reliably informed by my friends over on the UMSF forum that the “rock”  is called ‘Santorini’… no-one’s quite sure if it’s a meteorite or not yet, but hopefully we’ll know soon… in the meantime, here’s a close-up…



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