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Venus Occultation tomorrow night for UK observers…

Skywatchers here in Kendal and across the South Lakes – and across the whole of the UK – are crossing fingers for clear skies tomorrow evening, because IF the sky’s clear there’ll be a very attractive scene in the western sky after sunset. A lovely thin crescent Moon will be joining Jupiter and Venus low in the sky, making a beautiful photo opportunity.
You’ve probably seen those two planets shining together in the sky after sunset recently, and thought how lovely they’ve looked, but tomorrow the scene will be even more impressive…
… and just to make it even MORE impressive, from the UK we’ll actually be able to see Venus going behind the Moon! This “occultation” begins at 15.42, when Venus will slide behind the left, unlit side of the Moon at about the ten o’clock position…
Venus will reappear at around 17.10, from behind the brightly lit crescent of the Moon, at around the 4pm position…
By then the Moon will be very low down, but it should still be a thrilling sight. If it’s clear I’ll be up at Kendal Castle observing it, and you’re welcome to join me there.
Bring a hammer tho to chip the ice off me, ok..? 😉

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