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See the space station AND space shuttle tonight..!


There’s a great opportunity for people in CUmbria and across the UK to see both the ISS and shuttle Endeavour flying in formation in the evening sky tonight… the time to start looking west is around 17.55… the shuttle will be leading the ISS by about a minute or so, I think… and ISS will be wonderfully bright, mag -3.3!!
Woo-hoo! The fog came in 15 mins before the fly-by was due, so we headed for the hills and looked for higher ground… made it to a likely spot with just a couple of minutes to go, to find a magical scene: the fields beneath the hill shrouded in thick mist, with Venus and Jupiter glowing above them, smeared by fog… then the shuttle appeared, about as bright as Vega perhaps, arcing up the band of the Milky Way and passing by Altair, brightening rapidly as it skated towards and then dipped beneath the Square of Pegasus, dimming at exactly the same time ISS appeared through the mist on the horizon, and as that rose higher it just got brighter and brighter until it looked like an icy blue magnesium flare…

Breathtaking!  🙂


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