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Home again…

Phew! That was quite a trip! Oh, sorry, didn’t I say? We were in the US last week, and part of a day was spent at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory drooling over seeing lots of space technology. I’m going to write up a very full account of all this soon… as soon as the jet lag has worn off, that is!… but for now here are two teasers of what we saw at JPL…


That’s nothing less than the Mars Science Laboratory – the next piece of kit going to Mars, and a rover a LOT bigger than the two MERs – all packed up and safe inside its backshell, with the cruise stage on top. I’ll write a LOT more about that later… and then there was this…


That’s Stella and I posing – in my case, as usual, very self-consciously!  – beside a full scale model of one of the Mars rovers. Just unbelievable.

More later!


2 Responses

  1. What a great trip for you! I think it would be cool to see those things. For someone as enthusiastic about space exploration as you…well, you must have been as giddy as a schoolgirl.

  2. Come on then Stu…how many bits did you manage to sneak out in those rather deep dufflecoat pockets?

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