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Change of plans…!

Ah. Well, I thought I was talking about “Earth” for my Nov 27th Staveley talk, but according to the Newsletter from Staveley Roundhouse I’m actually giving a talk entitled “Mars Rover”! I don’t remember saying that! Never mind, you know me, I’m always happy to talk about Mars to anyone who’ll listen (and even people who won’t!) so it’s not a problem. Here’s the new poster…

Come along if you can! 🙂


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  1. […] Some people say the MERs are “only machines”. In that case HMS Victory is “only a ship”, Scott’s hut is “only a shed” and the Apollo 11 capsule in the Smithsonian is “only a metal cone”. These things were dreamed of, designed and built by people, that’s the point, not that they are just mechanical things. Every Sol the MERs have roamed Mars has been another step towards a future where we live on Mars, every turn of their wheels has brought us closer to the day when a young martian child stands outside their hab module home at sunset, looks to the west and delights at the sight of Earth shining there like a sapphire in the sky. I find it sad that people don’t get that, I really do. But I’m trying my best to help at least some of them see.  […]

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