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A new home for the Eddington AS…

At the last meeting of the Eddington Astronomical Society I explained how the Society would probably have to move to a new meeting venue in the New Year; a combination of the ongoing funding and staffing problems at the Museum, the uncertainty over the Council’s plans for the Museum and a security problem at a recent meeting – when a first time visitor made a real nuisance of themselves by badgering the Museum staff member on duty, both during and after the meeting – meant that it was not possible to guarantee the availability or attendance of the required number of staff at our meetings. So, the hunt has been on to try and find an alternative meeting place.

Obviously this is a huge shame, and we’re all gutted to have to leave the Museum after meeting there for so long… we consider ourselves part of the Museum itself, and I know the staff consider us to be that, too… but, at least for the time being, until the situation at the Musem becomes clearer and more secure, we have to find a new home.

And I’m happy to report that, thanks to the hard work of one of our members, we’ve found one.

Several were considered, after being proposed and suggested by people. The Brewery Arts Centre would have been a prestigious meeting place, obviously, but the lack of car parking and the availability of meeting nights was a problem. Likewise for the Highgate Community Centre – great central location, but v poor car parking, and our Monday night slot was not available.

In the end, EAS member David Iles came through with the solution, suggesting a community centre that isn’t only in the middle of town, and has great car parking, but is free on Monday nights, meaning there’s no need to change our well-established routine and schedule. David emailed me and told me about the Centre’s availability, so I contected the people there, found that yes, everything was ideal. I booked dates through April 2009 provisionally then, after receiving a “Go” from my fellow Committee members, went ahead and confirmed the bookings formally. And by teatime tonight, EAS had a new home! 🙂

So where is it?!?!?!

Well, it’s here…

… and “it” is The Castle Street Community Centre.

The website of the Centre is here and if you take a look you’ll see that it’s an incredibly popular and thriving place, with dozens of different groups meeting there. We will be meeting in the Art Room which not nly has room for 50 people but has its own projector screen and catering facilities. The rom is available between 7pm and 9pm, so our meeting times don’t have to change. There is room for 20+ cars outside, and it’s a very reasonable cost, too.  Other benefits include it being just as close to the railway station as the Museum, meaning our members who come on the train won’t have any problems…

(click for full size image)

 – oh, and it’s actually nearer the pub we go to than the Museum! So, all in all, I think we’ve done very well.

Actually, David did very well for us, so a huge THANK YOU to him for making me aware of the Centre’s availability and helping EAS secure its new home. How long we will be there is obviously impossible to know right now. Anyway, all that matters is that our meetings through April next year are secure and sorted, at least as far as a venue is concerned… I just have to find speakers and events and activities to fill them with, now!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this – especially to Dave, again – and thanks also to everyone at the Museum who’s made us so welcome over the past few years. Hopefully things will work out at the Museum sometime soon, allowing us to work with Carol and Anna and everyone else there again.


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  1. Hi Stu,

    Glad to hear you managed to get a new venue sorted ok . Good luck to all there at Eddington AS. Hope to make it down to see you soon.

    (Cockermouth AS)

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