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Jewels and gems on Mars…

Well, that’s what they look like! 🙂 But of course, they’re not; what you can see there are teeny tiny grains of Mars dust, as seen by the Phoenix lander’s microscope on Sol (or day) 137 of the lander’s stay on the surface…

The colours are beautiful, aren’t they? Shame they’re not real! I tweaked and colourised that image to make it look…. well, prettier. I do that a lot, take raw Mars images, combine them to make a colour image and then tweak and pull and tug at it until it looks beautiful, then I put the end product in my Gallery. Go take a look, if you like, and hopefully you’ll find something in there that makes you realise what a gorgeous place Mars is – in close-up, or widescreen! 🙂


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