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Phoenix still working away…

To be brutally frank about it, time is now running out for NASA’s Mars Phoenix lander. The hours of daylight available for the lander’s solar panels are shrinking, and those long, endless “Midnight Sun” days are now just a memory. Now Phoenix sees the Sun setting, plunging her into darkness, and it is getting very, very cold at the landing site. Frost is now forming around her, and the Phoenix team estimate that by the end of November, certainly by the middle of December, Phoenix will have sent back her last image. But we still have some time before then, and the latest batch of images sent back by the polar lander are very nice indeed. I’ve combined three of these Sol 134 (that’s Phoenix’s 134th day on Mars) to make this colour image showing a kind of “spoil heap” of rocks, stones and dirt dumped by the lander’s robot arm scoop…

If you click on that image you will see afull size version. And there are a LOT more like it on my dedicated Phoenix Pictures Gallery, here


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