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Oppy on her way…

The Mars Exploration Rover OPPORTUNITY – or “Oppy” to her legions of friends and followers – is now fairly racing along the western side of Victoria Crater, taking in the last of the sights along the rim before gunning her engine and heading south towards her next (and almost certainly final) goal: Endeavour Crater, which is a 12km and one year plus drive away…

During the past week Oppy passed, and took some pretty gorgeous pictures of, a wide and steep outcrop of rock christened “Cape Victory” by the MER team.

At first glance many people thought “Oh no! We should have driven down to THAT one, instead of Cape Verde!” because the ramp down to the base of the cliff looked flatter and less rubble-strewn than the slope of ‘Duck Bay’, and also the cliff face itself looked a lot more accessible, but hey, hindsight is always 20/20, and when you measure the angle of the ramp it turns out to be a LOT steeper than Duck Bay, so the MER drivers made the right decision there.

Anyway, Oppy is now really powering along, and within a week or so looks likely to leave Victoria Crater behind her for good. So let’s enjoy these last few days at this spectacular, amazing place, then settle down for what will be a long, looooooooooong drive.


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